Monday, August 30, 2010

Trisha Heroine on Heroin! Drug Scandal

Trisha may be as stimulating as a drug for many, but the pretty Telugu heroine has found herself in an ugly drug scandal.A Telugu channel reported that Trisha is taking drugs and has a links from Nigerian drug peddler. This has definitely made the lovely actress angry.

 Trisha believes that she is being dragged into this controversy only because she is a good friend of Sidney Sladen, a designer of African origin, whom the channel is accusing of being a Nigerian drug dealer. Trisha says, “I was shooting in Kodaikanal when this Telugu news channel declared this report; they put up a still of mine with a very dear friend who is African-American. They assumed that this fashion designer friend of mine from Chennai was a drug peddler from Nigeria.”  Trisha not to take things lying down has taken legal action against the channel. Anything for a friend, that's your Trisha..guys. Also check Trisha's Nigerian friend.

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